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Filtrexx Canada - The Certified Standard in Erosion Control


Slope Stabilization

Invert Ditch Protection

Streams, Ponds & Banks

Storm Water Management

Roadside Stabilization

Turf Renovation

Multi-Functional Roofing Systems

Support Practices

Why Certified?

Why Certified?

Filtrexx ™ Products are Certified to ensure superior quality and consistent performance you can count on. These products have been extensively third party tested and enjoy wide spread global acceptance. Filtrexx™ Canada is committed to on going research and development in Canada to ensure we continue to provide proven effective natural solutions for erosion control, improved wildlife habitat and water quality.

Filtrexx™ Installers

Filtrexx™ products are installed exclusively by Filtrexx™ Certified Installers possessing the training and expertise that this technology requires.

Filtrexx™ Certified Products + Filtrexx™ Certified Installers = Superior Erosion and Sediment Control

Why Certified?