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Filtrexx™ Prescription GrowthMedia and FilterMedia™

Prescription SoilsIndustrial sites offer many challenges in the urban setting. Most of the time, these ‘soils’ have little or no organic matter, extremely high or low PH, and generally are hard and compacted. They can also be plagued with heavy metals, pesticides, or other chemical constituents that keep vegetation from becoming established.

Vegetation establishment and maintenance on these soils is extremely difficult. Using special blends of ingredients, Filtrexx™ can customize a ‘Prescription’ GrowthMedia Blend that will best suit the contamination on each site.

This process saves time and money while increasing safety of the site for future uses.

This is a “prescription approach” using custom designed product on a site-by-site basis and includes consultation with agronomists and horticulturists.


  • Site specific custom blends based on various levels of contamination.
  • Easy application in hard to reach areas.
  • “Fix your sick soils” with our prescription Rxx™
  • Get the right Prescription Soil Blend from your Certified Filtrexx™ Installer.
  • Remediation of heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria, hydrocarbons, phenols, amines and other chemicals

Patent Pending
Prescription SoilsTM is a trademark of Filtrexx™

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