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Filtrexx Canada - The Certified Standard in Erosion Control


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Filtrexx™ LockDown™ Netting

Shear strength for severe slopes

Filtrexx LockDown NettingFiltrexx™ LockDown™ Netting allows you to make your own reinforced erosion blankets on site. The netting keeps compost in place on slippery slopes during heavy rain events.

Our Cotton LockDown™ Netting is 100% naturally biodegradable.

Prior to installing the GrowthMedia Erosion Control Blanket, place the Filtrexx™ LockDown™ Netting on the slope to ensure stability and adding shear strength. GECB is then applied over top of the Filtrexx™ LockDown™ Netting. The netting helps to hold the GrowthMedia in place only until germination takes over.....then seeds and roots do the rest.


  • Enhances shear strength on steep rocky, sandy or clay slopes.
  • Cotton version is natural and 100% biodegradable.
  • Plastic version has 30 foot stretch width for ease of application and more permanent shear strength improvement.
  • Roots grow through netting into slopes.
  • Effective, inexpensive protection.
  • Easy to handle, simple to install.
  • Available in a variety of roll sizes: 22” / 40” / 96” Cotton
  • 30 foot stretch width photodegradable single or multifilament HDPE
  • Roll out the LockDown™ Netting and apply GrowthMedia Erosion Control blankets over top to ensure stability.

Patent Pending
LockDown™ Netting is a registered trademark of Filtrexx™

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