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Filtrexx™ Living Walls™

Filtrexx™ Living Walls™Filtrexx™ Living Walls™ can be made on site using Filtrexx™ FilterSoxx™ and custom filling with a backfill Growthmedia and seed of your choice. The Living Wall™ is not recommended for load bearing situations. However, it is a excellent choice for stream banks, road sides, parking lot abutments, headwalls for culverts and other areas that offer challenging slopes.

Living Walls™ are seeded with your choice of vegetation and also can be plugged, sprigged or staked with live plant materials for an instant vegetative covering. Once the seeds germinate and the roots anchor into the banks, the system is complete and will offer long term sustainable solutions to these challenging areas. Living Walls™ are normally less costly than other alternatives.


  • Effective on a wide variety of non-structural applications such as slope or stream bank stabilization, slip repairs, culvert headwalls, bridge abutments and flood protection
  • Require no footing or hard materials (steel, concrete etc).
  • Living Walls stabilize earth and establish and maintain vegetation.
  • Superior soil retention and vegetation establishment
  • Stabilization of damaged or eroded slopes
  • Easily plugged or live-staked for added vegetation
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