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Filtrexx Canada - The Certified Standard in Erosion Control


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Filtrexx GrowthMedia Erosion Control Blanket (GECB)

Slope stabilization & vegetation establishment

Filtrexx Growthmedia Erosion Control Blankets (GECB)Filtrexx Growthmedia Erosion Control Blankets (GECB) are applications of growth media derived from composted materials and applied with a pneumatic blower device or equivalent that help to reduce or prevent erosion on slopes. GECB’s can be applied in a living(seeded) or non-living form. GrowthMedia Erosion Control Blankets prevent erosion by covering the exposed soil surfaces and keeping the water flowing on/within the blanket material. GECB’s also help increase infiltration and retention of rainwater, which aids in vegetation establishment and storm water management.

GrowthMedia Erosion Control Blankets are used on exposed soil areas either for temporary or long-term protection against erosion. GECB’s may be used in place of other traditional blanket technology (e.g. geotextiles) with similar or superior results. GECB’s are especially effective on extreme slopes of 3:1 to 1:1 and for situations where many other erosion control tools do not work. The GrowthMedia used in the blanket also has the ability to bind various contaminants contained in runoff.

These GECB's create a natural, instantaneous erosion control cover that prevents sheet erosion from exposed or denuded sites. Available in a variety of depths from 1” to 4", Filtrexx™ GrowthMedia Erosion Control Blankets form a complete, 100% intimate contact with the existing soil, all but eliminating the possibility of water getting underneath the blanket to initiate erosion.

Filtrexx™ GECB’s are an ideal growing medium for vegetation. Since they are available with seed, they provide an attractive green surface in a matter of a few days. Unlike sodding or hydroseeding, Filtrexx™ GECB’s improve soil organic matter levels and texture.


  • Immediate erosion protection!
  • Superior intimate contact with surface.
  • Excellent germination.
  • Improved water retention.
  • Reduced runoff.
  • Dormant seeding capability.
  • Multiple layers of protection.
  • Natural and 100% biodegradable.
  • Improves soil texture.
  • Available in a variety of standard depths. 1” - 4” & more (With or without seed)

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FilterSoxx™ is a registered trademark of Filtrexx™

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