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Edgesaver™ - Stream & Pond Bank Stabilization & Renovation

Edgesaver™ is a sustainable, customizable, scalable solution to a challenging area of eroded stream banks or pond banks. Eroded edges of ponds and streams are difficult to re-vegetate because it is hard to establish a solid edge to assist in the re-vegetation process. Loose products like soil or mulch are commonly added to edges only to find them eroded or washed away after the first rain. As such, the EdgeSaver™ are used to establish the edge against to which additional backfill can be added, without allowing it to fall into the stream or pond.

By allowing vegetation to become established prior to the next high water event, the system allows sediment to become deposited on top of and in vegetation during all subsequent events. In turn, the vegetation grows through these layers of sediment, establishing sustainability in a long-term system.

Growth media also offers some properties of chemical filtration (binding of metals and nutrients) and biological filtration (destruction of harmful substances) from the unique growth media blend contained in the netting materials. To restore stability and safety to embankments around ponds, lakes and streams, install the Filtrexx™ EdgeSaver™.

The Asphalt EdgeSaver System from Filtrexx Canada


  • Re-establish eroded edges and banks.
  • Roots grow out of FiltersoxxTM and into banks.
  • Use any type of seed as a customized choice for naturalization.
  • Continuous FiltersoxxTM add stability without breaks
  • Installations have no ends because of our unique ‘sleeving’ system.
  • Live staking or plugging is easy & very successful.
  • Fill with heavy organic-aggregate blends for added ballast.
  • Resists future erosion.
  • Supports lush vegetation growth.
  • Available in a standard diameters: 8” / 12” / 18” / 24”
Patent Pending
EdgeSaver™ is a trademark of Filtrexx™


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