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Filtrexx™ Filter Cell™: Temporary/Permanent Water Filtration System

Filtrexx Filter Cell is a temporary or permanent water or storm water filtration system used to remove sediment and soluble pollutants from water. The FilterCell removes pollutants and sediment by filtering the water through an organic FilterMedia and vegetation.

Typical applications include:

  • Pre and/or Post treatment of temporary sediment detention ponds or emergency storm overflow.
  • Pre treatment for permanent storm water collection ponds.
  • Sediment and soluble pollutant control of storm runoff
  • Sediment and soluble pollutant filtration from contaminated effluent.


  • Filter Cells have the ability to bind and adsorb soluble nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons contained in runoff water.
  • no trenching required during installation, leaving soil and root systems undisturbed.
  • can be seeded at time of installation to provide greater stability and increased filtration capacity.
  • FilterCells can support a variety of temporary and permanent vegetation.
  • can be installed on hard surfaces (eg. Pavement) for temporary control.
  • FilterCells are organic and can be left as a permanent filtration device.
  • Filtration for temporary filtration of sediment-laden effluent and point sources of contaminant water.
  • FilterCells can be easily scaled up or down to suit your dewatering needs.
  • Sediment and contaminants are filtered physically, chemically and biologically through the FilterRings tubular mesh FilterMedia
  • Use to filter slurry or effluent to protect surface water ideal for temporary pumping projects
  • Scalable - size and capacity to suit filtration requirements
  • Can be made on job site.
  • Greater surface contact with the ground.
  • vailable in standard diameters: 12” / 18” / 24”

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