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Filtrexx™ Bio-Retention ponds – Natural Storm Water Management

The Bio-Retention System utilizes soil, plants and microbes to filter, retain and infiltrate storm water runoff from developed sites. Bio-retention is an important component of Low Impact Development (LID) strategies. This system creates an attractive landscape and along with wildlife habitat.

Bio-Retention can reduce the volume and increase the quality of storm water leaving a developed site. Bio-Retention Ponds allow for a natural overflow and drainage capacity. This combines the natural systems of slow leaching of water through an organic ‘sponge’ or filter media, that traps and treats many of the sediment chemicals contained in runoff water.

Bio-Retention Ponds focus on higher flow-through rates to eliminate standing water and can reduce mosquito habitat.


  • Design allows for reduced chances of permanent ponding - less mosquitoes.
  • Wetland plants allow for absorption and treatment of many chemicals.
  • Filtration of chemicals & biological remediation.
  • Natural overflow and drainage capacity.
Filtrexx™ Bio-Retention ponds – Natural Storm Water Management from Filtrexx Canada

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