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Filtrexx GrowthMedia Vegetated Cover (GVC)

Filtrexx GrowthMedia Vegetated Cover (GVC)Filtrexx GrowthMedia Vegetated Cover (GVC) is a temporary vegetative and erosion control practice used on slopes to stabilize disturbed soils on and around construction activities. GVC’s are generally used for rapid vegetation establishment on disturbed or erodible soils and not as an erosion control blanket. GVC’s consist of ½” to 1” deep layer of GrowthMedia mixed with seed and applied to slopes with pneumatic blower trucks or similar equipment. GVC’s provide little erosion control until vegetation is established. unlike a GrowthMedia Erosion Control Blanket (GECB)


  • Ideal for establishing a vegetative cover on disturbed or erodible soils.
  • GVC’s add organic matter to the existing soil improving the soil structure.
  • Can be used for temporary or permanent protection of exposed ground.
  • Increases organic matter of existing soils
  • Aids in reducing runoff and sediment movement
  • Superior intimate contact with surface.
  • Excellent germination.
  • Improved water retention.
  • Natural and 100% biodegradable.
  • Improves soil texture.
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