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Filtrexx™ Run-off Diversion Soxx™

Runoff Diversion Soxx are designed for the diversion or redirection of runoff. They can be temporary or permanent runoff diversion devices to redirect water away from highly erodible areas. They are generally uses upslope of areas undergoing excavation. Run-off Diversion Soxx can also be used on paved surfaces to protect adjacent soil areas. Use Run-off Diversion Soxx for applications such as:

  • Diversion of runoff away from disturbed areas and to stabilized outlets or storm inlets.
  • Diversion of sediment laden water to a sediment containment or storm water treatment system.
  • Diversion of runoff into a conveyance channel to improve site working conditions.
  • Prevention of sediment laden runoff or storm water from leaving site perimeter.


  • Greater surface area contact area with soil
  • No trenching required
  • Year round installation (as long as stakes can be driven in)
  • Can be placed in areas of high sheet flow and low concentrated flow unlike conventional filter berms.
  • Can be seeded for greater stability and longevity.
  • Does not impede the movement of wildlife
  • Available in 8", 12", 18" and 24" diameters and continuous lengths to suit.
  • Greater trapping and removal of sediment and soluble pollutants than silt fence.
  • Biologically able to bind, adsorb and degrade phosphorus, metals, pertroleum hydrocarbons and organic pollutants.
  • Temporary or permanent installations.

  • Does not impede the movement of wildlife

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Filtersoxx™ is a registered trademark of Filtrexx™

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