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Filtrexx Canada - The Certified Standard in Erosion Control


Slope Stabilization

Invert Ditch Protection

Streams, Ponds & Banks

Storm Water Management

Roadside Stabilization

Turf Renovation

Multi-Functional Roofing Systems

Support Practices

Slope Stabilization Solutions

These Filtrexx™ products provide solutions for virtually any disturbed or highly erodible areas requiring stabilization. Use GrowthMedia™ Erosion Control Blankets (GECB’s) to protect sloped areas and provide further stabilization through the establishment of vegetation. Filtrexx™ FilterSoxx™ are employed to maintain sheet flow or divert runoff waters away from sensitive areas. Chose a Living Wall™ for repairing eroded banks or a GreenLoxx™ Wall System (MSE – mechanically stabilized earth) for demanding situations which would otherwise require a hard surface retaining wall solution.


Why Certified?