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Filtrexx™ GreenLoxx Wall System

Filtrexx™ GreenLoxx Wall™ Filtrexx™ GreenLoxx Wall™ is a green alternative for retaining walls. The GreenLoxx Wall is a vegetated mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) system. It consists of the integration of a Geogrid, vegetation and a fascia consisting of FilterSoxx filled with Filtrexx GrowthMedia. The GreenLoxx system reduces water pressure behind the wall by absorption through root systems and percolation through the fascia. GreenLoxx are used where other retaining walls are specified such as:

  • Steep embankments
  • Roadside slopes
  • Headwalls for culvert/underpasses etc
  • Storm water outfalls
  • Stream banks
  • Shoreline slopes
  • Residential retaining walls


  • Require no poured concrete footing
  • Components are lighter than soil
  • Superior soil retention and vegetation establishment
  • Stabilization of damaged or eroded slopes
  • Easily plugged or live-staked for added vegetation
  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to hard landscaping
Why Certified?