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Asphalt Edgesaver™ - Roadside Stabilization: Filtrexx Canada

The Asphalt EdgeSaver System is designed to solve the problem of roadside erosion caused by concentrated water flow off of asphalt from storm events. Storm water runoff can undermine the asphalt edge causing damage to the pavement. This is particularly common when there is a greater than normal height difference between the pavement and the adjoining ditch area, often caused by re-surfacing of existing roads. The Asphalt EdgeSaver System consists of a Filtrexx EdgeSaver filled with growth media and seed and installed along the edge of the asphalt. The EdgeSaver converts the concentrated flow of runoff water into sheet flow and allows for the establishment of vegetation which in turn adds extra stability to the road edge. A GrowthMedia Erosion Control Blanket is commonly added to feather the EdgeSaver into the contour of the ditch slope.

Asphalt Edgesaver™ from Filtrexx Canada


  • Re-establish eroded road and ditch edges
  • Stabilization of ditch Roots grow out of FiltersoxxTM and into banks.
  • Asphalt EdgeSavers have the ability to filter storm runoff physically, chemically and biologically.
  • Resists future erosion.
  • Supports lush vegetation growth.
  • Available in a standard diameters: 8” / 12” / 18” / 24”
  • Addition of additives to enhance removal of contaminants

Patent Pending
EdgeSaver™ is a trademark of Filtrexx™

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