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Filtrexx™ Silt Soxx™

Siltsoxx ™ is a sediment-trapping device using filtermedia materials applied with a pneumatic blower device or equivalent. Siltsoxx™ trap sediment by filtering the water passing through the Siltsoxx™ also allowing water to pond, creating a settling of solids behind Siltsoxx™.

Siltsoxx™ can be used in any area requiring sediment control to keep runoff in the form of sheet flow. The use of Siltsoxx™ apply to areas of high sheet erosion, on steep slopes up to and exceeding a 2:1 slope, and in other disturbed areas of construction sites requiring sediment control. Siltsoxx™ may also be used in sensitive environmental areas, where movement of wildlife is impeded by the use of other sediment controls. Filter Media used in Silt Soxx™ also has the ability to bind various contaminants contained in runoff.



  • Temporary or permanent perimeter control of sediment
  • Filters physically, chemically and biologically
  • Greater surface contact with ground
  • Easy to maintain & remove.
  • Natural and available in 100% biodegradable materials.
  • Added security in high flow areas.
  • Available in standard diameters: 12” / 18” / 24”
  • Use living Silt Soxx™ (seeded) for long term on-site filtration.

Patent Pending
SiltSoxx™ is a registered trademark of Filtrexx™

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