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Filtrexx™ Inlet Soxx™

Inletsoxx™ from Filtrexx CanadaInletsoxx™ are used as a storm drain inlet protection by providing filtration of water and physical barrier that reduces the rate at which sediment-laden water can enter the storm drain. Inlet protection allows construction to continue while protecting storm systems from sediment overloads. Inletsoxx™ offer unique 3 way filtration, unavailable in most other types of erosion and sediment control devices, by including physical (settling of solids), chemical (some binding of metals and nutrients) and biological (some destruction of harmful substances) filtration from the unique filter media blend contained in the netting materials.

Use inletsoxx™ to contain soil erosion and sediment by removing soil particles from water moving off site into adjacent waterways or storm water drainage systems. Inletsoxx™ are used as a form of inlet protection for operational storm drainage systems. Note: Inlet protection using Inletsoxx™ should not be considered as the primary means of sediment control and should be used within an overall integrated erosion and sediment control program. The blocking of the storm drains by the use of Inletsoxx™ should be considered in the overall site planning, especially where ponding water will create disturbances.


  • InletSoxx provide sediment control and storm water runoff filtration for storm drain inlets.
  • Use InletSoxx around drain inlets, in front of curb inlets and as curb sediment containment system.
  • InletSoxx employ a FilterMedia tubular mesh to intercept runoff and settle out the solids while filtering soluble pollutants.
  • Filters physically, chemically and biologically
  • InletSoxx are Simple to install and easy to maintain.
  • Superior flow through rates along with sediment and pollutant removal.
  • Easy to install on soil or pave surfaces
  • Ideal for drain and curb inlets
  • Protects storm systems from sediment overload
  • Easy to maintain & remove.
  • Available in standard diameters: 8” and 12”
  • Use living Inlet Soxx™ (seeded) for long term on-site filtration.

Patent Pending
Inlet Soxx™ is a registered trademark of Filtrexx™

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