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Filtrexx Canada - The Certified Standard in Erosion Control


Slope Stabilization

Invert Ditch Protection

Streams, Ponds & Banks

Storm Water Management

Roadside Stabilization

Turf Renovation

Multi-Functional Roofing Systems

Support Practices

Filtration Solutions

These products are engineered to provide more than just sediment control by taking advantage of Filtrexx™ FilterMedia™’s natural ability to filter runoff water three dimensionally. FilterMedia™ allows these products to filter physically, chemically and biologically unlike common BMP’s which depend on water ponding to settle out suspended solids. Organic matter and humus colloids in FilterMedia™ also have the ability to bind and adsorb phosphorus, metals and hydrocarbons often present in storm water runoff. These products are proven performers offering ease of installation and maintenance.

Why Certified?