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Filtrexx™ Filter Ring™: Temporary passive filtration

Filter Rings™ are ideal for temporary filtration in situations that allow space for separation of water from solids in a passive manner. Filter Rings™ are a scalable system for filtering a number of contaminants from stormwater, sump water, and other situations requiring filtration prior to offsite discharge. Scaleable filtration is available via sizes in diameter, changing filtration rate of material, increasing ring diameter or adding additional Filter Rings™. Filter media used in the Filter Ring™ also has the ability to bind various contaminants contained in the runoff.

Use Filter Rings™ in areas where dredging slurry or high water content effluent create problems with water quality. This might include pump around situations in stream bank construction projects, overflow situations and other temporary pumping projects. It is imperative to have enough space on site to allow water to percolate through the FilterRing™ and drain away, leaving the sediment or filtrate behind (e.g. concrete truck washout area).


  • FilterRings provide solids separation and water pollutant
  • Filtration for temporary filtration of sediment-laden effluent and point sources of contaminant water.
  • FilterRings can be easily scaled up or down to suit your dewatering needs.
  • Sediment and contaminants are filtered physically, chemically and biologically through the FilterRings tubular mesh FilterMedia
  • Use to filter slurry or effluent to protect surface water ideal for temporary pumping projects
  • Scalable - size and capacity to suit filtration requirements
  • Can be made on job site.
  • Greater surface contact with the ground.
  • Available in diameters: 12” / 18” / 24” and stackable

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