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Filter Berms - Silt Fence Replacement

Filtrexx™ Filter BermsFiltrexx™ Filter Berms are installed using Blower Trucks. Filtrexx™

Filter Berms are sediment trapping devices using filter media derived from composted materials and applied with a pneumatic blower device or equivalent. Filter Berms trap sediment by filtering water passing through the berm and allowing water to slow down, creating a settling of solids. Filter Media used in Filter Berms has the ability to bind various contaminates contained in runoff.

Filter berms can be used in any area requiring sediment or erosion control where runoff is in the form of sheet flow. Filter Berms are not for use in areas of concentrated flows. The use of filter berms apply to areas of high sheet erosion, on steep slopes up to a 2:1 slope, and in other disturbed areas of construction sites requiring sediment control. Filter berms may also be used in sensitive environmental areas, where there is movement of wildlife life, including turtles, salamanders etc. These Filter berms can be left in place after the job is completed to provide long term benefits. Filtrexx™ Filter Berms are an excellent choice in areas where intimate ground contact is challenging to achieve.


  • Eliminates the disposal of plastic silt fence.
  • More effective sediment filtration than silt fence.
  • Easy application in hard to reach areas.
  • Natural and 100% biodegradable.
  • Often no need to remove Filter berm leaving no disposal costs.
  • Maintains natural movement of wildlife.
Filtrexx™ Filter Berms effectively replace silt fence and are up to 10 times more effective. For permanent applications that filter for many years, use a Filtrexx Living Berm. (seeded)

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