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Filtrexx™ DitchChexx™ Straw Bale Replacement

Ditch Chexx™ are made from a filtermedia derived from a composted material and contained in a mesh tube. Ditch Chexx™ are used for filtering channel flow of sediment-laden waters generated from construction activities during storm events. Ditch Chexx™ filter and help reduce runoff velocities, creating a settling and filtering effect of sediment laden stormwater runoff. Filter Media used in Ditch Chexx™ also has the ability to bind various contaminants contained in runoff.

Ditch Chexx™ can be used in place of traditional methods of ditch erosion and sediment control tools, including straw bales, and rock check dams. Ditch Chexx™ can be used in small open channels where it is necessary to slow down the velocity of the stormwater prior to leaving the ditch area. Applications include temporary runoff channels, swales, and other areas that may be used as an integrated approach to overall erosion and sediment control plans for the project.


  • Filtrexx DitchChexx replace tradition check dam devices to provide superior performance.
  • Better trapping and removal of sediment and soluble pollutants
  • DitchChexx can filter runoff water physically, chemically and biologically.
  • DitchChexx provide a large surface area contact with the ditch bottom and can be seeded for long term installations
  • Ditch Chexx are available in 12”, 18’ and 24” diameters
  • Slows flow of storm runoff
  • Removes sediment and soluble pollutants
  • Temporary or permanent (seeded) use
  • Can be made on or off job site.
  • Drains through faster than silt fence.
  • Added security in high flow areas.

Patent Pending
DitchChexx™ is a trademark of Filtrexx™

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