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Welcome to Filtrexx Canada


The Filtrexx™ approach is a revolutionary advancement in Erosion and Sediment Control combining technology, packaging and nature to deliver solutions which out perform traditional BMP’s (Best Management Practices)

Filtrexx™ uses naturally composted organic material meeting or exceeding the highest regulatory standards in Canada (including the new Compost Quality Alliance – CQA) as the source material for our GrowthMedia™ and FilterMedia™.

These products have been specifically designed and tested to provide fast stabilization and vegetative cover to disturbed areas and effective control and filtration of storm water.

Filtrexx™ GrowthMedia™ and FilterMedia™ possess the significant advantage of “three dimensional” filtration – physical, chemical and biological.

Filtrexx™ GrowthMedia™ can be applied directly to highly erodible areas and slopes creating a blanket to protect them from erosion and provide a vegetative cover.

Filtrexx™ GrowthMedia™ and FilterMedia™ can also be contained in one of our Soxx™ for use in a wide variety of demanding sediment and storm water control application. Filtrexx™ Soxx™ are patent-pending tubular mesh netting which holds the contents securely making them ideal for perimeter sediment control, ditch and storm drain inlet protection, shoreline and bank repair and a multitude of other applications requiring effective sediment and storm water control. Unseeded or seeded, Filtrexx™ Soxx™ may be the most significant advancement in the industry in decades.

Filtrexx™ GrowthMedia™ and FilterMedia™ are Certified to ensure superior quality and consistent performance you can count on. These products are installed exclusively by Filtrexx™ Certified Installers possessing the training and expertise that this technology requires.

Filtrexx™ Certified Products + Filtrexx™ Certified Installers = Superior Erosion and Sediment Control

Filtrexx products have been extensively third party tested and enjoy wide spread global acceptance. Filtrexx Canada is committed to on going research and development in Canada to ensure we continue to provide proven effective natural solutions for erosion control, improved wildlife habitat and water quality.

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